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Welcome teachers to Spikey’s Journey!

We are delighted that you have received our Exploration Box.
Thank you for coming to our website – we are excited to start this adventure with you!

The materials necessary to embark on Spikey’s journey are available to download below.
These materials are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.


*The above files will download as .7z files and will need an Unzip programme such as WinRAR for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac.

English language version
German language version
Polish language version
About InEdu

The InEdu Project aims to:

  • promote active learning based on observation, experiment and conclusion making which are part of the scientific method;
  • develop teaching methods and tools to help primary school teachers prepare and conduct more fascinating lessons which can stimulate the children’s natural curiosity;
  • invite teachers to exchange their educational methods and tools so that they can develop their skills and create interesting and effective methodology on the basis of the experience gained during the project.
For whom?


The first group of participants are the teachers interested in developing active methods of work with children to enhance their natural curiosity. A selected group of teachers will be invited to devise the methods and share good practices.


Thanks to the tools developed for the project primary school pupils will participate in interesting lessons which can develop their ability to think critically and stimulate their creativity.

Academics and parents

Academics who run a number of courses within the project can share their scientific experiences with teachers. Parents will find out about the learning tools developed within the project and will be able to propagate the methods of creative teaching at the schools their children attend.

We want the project to turn teaching into a process which is satisfactory and interesting to all those who take part in it.

Educational toolkit

We aim to make the methods and tools developed for teachers within the InEdu project as stimulating for children’s curiosity as possible. Teachers working with children introduce them to a scientific process, which can use different types of reasoning: induction, deduction as well as empirical and creative reasoning. We want to show how to make use of these types of reasoning in working with children so that during their classes they can build up their knowledge of the world in a more empirical way.


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