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Children's University Foundation

For over 13 years we have been working with children, to whom we want to prove that science and learning can be fascinating. The attractive classes that the Children’s University organizes are conducted by leading scientists and are filled with experiments and creative tasks. We want to inspire our young students to discover their passions through practical and plain methods of learning about science that we offer.

Together with scientists we create free-of-charge lesson plans that can be used during school classes to make them more entertaining, creativity-boosting and promoting self-learning. It is with the activity and help of teachers that we want to reach as many Polish schools as we can.

Our mission

Our mission is to foster children’s creative and intellectual potential to enable them to understand how to act in the surrounding world by following their talents, knowledge and possibilities.

Between the years 2007-2017 over 21 thousand children aged 6-16 have participated in our classes, through which they actively gained knowledge from various sciences and fields of studies. Every year we organize approximately 600 lectures and workshops presented and led by over 500 scientists.

Discover our programs

Children’s University

We are the first and biggest children university in Poland. Since 2007 we invite children to take part in lectures and workshops in Cracow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Olsztyn – all led by scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and other specialists. Rectors of the biggest Polish universities became patrons of the Children’s University. They make sure the university gets the best academics as teachers.

Lesson plans

We launched in 2013 a free-of-charge online platform for teachers and educators. The descriptive plans available on the website are reliable ideas for innovative lessons. They are created in cooperation with scientists and based on Children’s University activities and workshops. Moreover, we offer ready educational sets for teachers and we invite them to participate in various lectures, trainings and conferences. Our goal is to reach all children of Polish schools.

We work every year with over 600 volunteers. Students, seniors as well as working adults help us in the implementation of education projects dedicated to thousands of children. It is the support of volunteers that allows us to reach our goal and lead to successful realization of projects. Their work, energy and commitment are priceless.

Popularisation of science

In our everyday work we focus on sharing the best practices and knowledge about science popularization. The Children’s University Foundation is one of the founder of the SPiN Network, connecting research centers and other institutions working on making science more familiar.

As a member of the European Children’s University Network, we build relations and work with local and international partners (Erasmus+). Our Foundation helped in opening a Children’s University in Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg).

How does the Children’s University scholarship fund work?

Children’s University is open to everyone. We strongly believe that financial boundaries of parents can not restrain the children who would want to join us. We believe that our lessons shouldn’t be free-of-charge, but the fee cannot constitute an obstacle for the child to develop a passion. It is for families of children who cannot afford independently attending to our classes that we created 10 years ago a scholarship fund. The main concept of this fund is to allow all parents to declare the amount they are able to pay. The rest of the payment is financed by the Foundation.

By transferring a declared amount as payment for the classes, the parents show that despite all struggles, their children’s development is highly important to them. The funds we grant to families are sometimes higher than the amount they ask for. For those children whose families are in exceptionally difficult situation we grant full scholarships. We are very happy to see how high the attendance to our lessons is.

We additionally support families with multiple children by helping with their education. Since the beginning of the Foundation’s existence the education at the Children’s University is free for each family’s third and next child.

We collect applications for scholarship funds during the recruitment for each school year- in May and June.

Each year a total of 100 000 PLN is reserved for the scholarship fund, which allows to help more than 300 children in Poland.

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